Thursday, September 3, 2009

*so close*

Ta-dah! Furniture and boxes and labels! Hooray!!!

Ok, so there's still some work to be done, but all my craft stuff is back in my craft room and is mostly organized- I have to hang a shelf and Bygel rail, but the bulk of what's left is getting the rest of my 'Jess stuff' in there and organized. I don't want to bring in any piles- thing must have a home to be let back in! You can see some of my dolls and stuffed animals along the top of the cube unit- it makes me so happy to have them home with me!

I wasn't really sure what to get when I went to Ikea for boxes, so I just bought a bunch in two sizes and it worked out surprisingly well. I actually filled each box with some category of item, though thankfully only one of the boxes is actually *full*. They are however nicely sorted and labelled- now all of my craft stuff is mixed together and it should be pretty easy to find what I need regardless of what type of project I am working on. I did spring for two nice metal boxes to hold my Thickers and other misc. flat embellishments and am thrilled with how well that worked. the left tower is still holding our DVDs.

After I get it all finished up I'll do a post with some detail shots.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

gift box

I wanted to make a cute coordinating card holder to send the card set to my mom, so I downloaded the 'All Boxed Up' template from Paper Trey Ink. Initially, I had a problem with the card holder pockets being too small, but I was able to recreate the basic design with a whole new set of measurements specific to my needs. After thinking about it, I think the template just printed out at less than 100% of size, so I'll be sure to keep an eye on that next time.

I liked being able to customize it- I used some older SU! paper with a damask print and felt it all tied together pretty nicely!

Here is the front- the stamp I used is from the same set I used to make the cards. I finished the main image off wit a single pearl and popped it up. I layered brown grosgrain and thin purple satin ribbon to tie it shut.

Here you can see it stuffed with cards and envelopes!

Here is is open- 4 cards and 4 envelopes on each side.

Of course, I covered up the inside and outside of the pockets with more of that SU! paper.

Here is what he envelopes look like- I love how the image looks when it is creeping off the envelope.