Friday, May 15, 2009

The rest

After a slight delay, here are the other pictures of my Halloween mini album! I forgot I also used a few other Halloween papers I had from the previous year- I think some were Heidi Grace, not sure about all of them though.

All in all, this project was great. I was really happy with how I was able to finally mix lots of patterned papers together, even different lines. I had a few different styles of paper but I think they all still managed to work together and I feel this is a very cohesive project. I love it in person- the dimensional effect is great, and the paper bag aspect makes it really kind of cool.

First page! I traced over the black stripe with black stickles. It was kind of a messy pain, but I liked the effect and it was fun to change up my paper like that!

Page two. I went back and added the gingham bracket at the end and am glad I did. It's just a cute little extra touch.

First tag. I used velvet ribbon- fancy! I had a lot of Halloween brads so I wasn't shy about using them!

Back of the first tag. Its kind of hard to see, but that layer under the journaling has cute spiders on it.
Page three. I sewed some seed beads along the left hand side of the page. I poked the holes with my paper pierced (using my ruler) and just went back and threaded the beads on black string. I don't think I measured the distance between the holes to fit 3 seed beads, but it did!
Page four. Here I got to use my threading water punch! The brads came all sparkly like that- very fun for Halloween!

Front side of second tag. This was a punch out which I covered in journaling. My hand hurt after writing all of that!

Back of tag. Yes, I covered with some cool polka do paper. Cutting and sanding around all that detail was a little time consuming, but a good break during my crop day (I started this project at home but did the bulk of the work while at a day crop). I really liked having one project to work on all day and will be bringing smaller projects like this with me in the future. I also happen to think this looks really cool!

Page five. The witch was another punch out- I covered it with a few layers of UTEE. It;s a little warped, but looks neat in person. I glued the thin green ribbon on top of the wider brown ribbon then snipped them both. I really like how it looks! That orange stripe through the middle of the page is also ribbon. That other brad/ribbon bit is on the next page.
Page six. Lining up the threading water punch on both sides of the blue paper int he middle was a *hassle*. I wound up using two smaller pieces instead of one long piece. I love the way it looks at least!

Third tag. I popped the stars up on pop dots- it's fun that way!Back of third tag. I had this spider scrap and thought it was so cool! Glad I was able to use it.
Page seven. I like the way the journaling tag looks tucked under the picture. The line spacing on it was so big, I thin it would look weird if I had the whole thing out by itself. Halving it and putting it on it's side makes it looks less goofy to me.

Page eight. Awww, just noticed the camera strap is in the way! Too bad. 'BOO!' is popped up. The brads are dark purple covered in stickles- midnight I think. It looks awesome but is starting to rub off :(

The end.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Halloween mini book part 1

Happy Halloween! Oh wait, I'm a few months late.....

Halloween is my favorite time of year, although we were too busy this past year to really celebrate. I still had a lot of memories and even some cute pictures of the pup, so I decided to crank out a mini book anyway! All my pics are from the same night- testing out the dog's costume. So I went heavy on the journaling. I also could not bear the thought of letting all the cute Halloween paper I had purchased languish for another year! I'm quite pleased with hose this turned out!

Cover Shot!
These 3-D letters are Jolee's. I originally sued them on our silver candy bowl the night of to give out candy.

This is the back. All throughout I tried to layer patterned papers and create more of a sense of dimension to it. Since my mini books are not covered, I like them to have more of a tactile side to them. This glitter paper from Doodle Bug is really pretty but quite thick to cut! All the punch outs and patterned papers are from My Mind's Eye Night Light and Spooked. The fun brads are from Making Memories
Spellbound line. CS is Bazzill.

This was my first paper bag album! It was a lot thicker than I originally anticipated, but I finished it off with ribbon instead of metal rings and it worked out quite well! I will most certainly be making this type of album again!

I have a bunch more pictures and I will upload those in the next day or two.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Manly sparkles

I apologize in advance for the darkness of these pictures. I took them back when I made this card for my step father in February, so the card is long gone. I figured I could get away with some of the more frilly girly things, because my SD is more amenable to these sorts of things- all those conversations about bras and nail polish he suffered through when I was in high school really toughened him up!

Ahem. On to the card! I got to test out several things when making this card that were new at the time. Awesome textured background compliments of the Cuttlebug, perfectly spaced oval and scalloped oval layers compliments of Nestabilities (when will these things not still feel new????), and manly sparkles compliments of Stickles. The sparkles are manly because they're blue and green!

See how manly they are???

This basic type of card is a favorite of mine. Monochromatic (for the most part), very clean and simple design. And lots and lots of dots.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MacGyvering a 'T' and a new size

With the advent of oh-so-nice weather, I haven't been scrapping all that much. Most weekend time lately is spent outside whipping our yard into shape or on other endeavors. Thanks to my general poor blogging habits though, I have many, many projects I have not shared here. So time to reach back to a crop I attended at the end of January for some cute pages!

First is a page I got to get a little creative on. I'm getting to the point where I am *gasp* running out of Thickers! The horrors! So I combined two fonts. Not exactly a great artistic achievement, but I don't think I'd done that yet and I really liked the way it came out. the bigger deal though is the fact that I ran out of Ts! Yes, I apparently use that particular consonant quite often and had a hard time getting the statement 'grad night' out, so since I rarely crap about quince apples, quiches, or quarks, I sacrificed a Q in the name of pupular scrapocity and MacGyvered myself a T. I also just learned how to correctly spell MacGyver.

I also tried out 8.5x11 for the first time at this same crop. I like this size a lot- I had been getting somewhat tired of single pictures on a whole 12x12. Sometimes I still like it (as in the page I posted just above), but other times it's too much white space, but 6x6 is too small to write much. So 8.5x11 is the perfect compromise!

In case you are wondering, yes, the lacy page is hard to cram into a page protector, but not impossible.