Thursday, December 3, 2009

unconventional birthday card

Hey there! I've been busy lately and haven't made much time for crafting in the past few months- sad I know :( But I don't want to let my craft blog die, so I scrounged up some unposted pictures. Here are some shots of a card I made recently for my husband for his birthday:

The background paper is actually a fabric paper. I had purchased both the fabric paper and the dotted paper together years ago when I was first starting to scrapbook, before I really knew how any of it worked, thinking I would need to do some book binding voodoo in order to make a scrapbook- I selected these papers to make my honeymoon scrapbook. I then very quickly learned that I could use a pre-fab binder and the fancy book binding papers have been sitting prettily in the corner ever since.

I highly recommend enlarging the pics- those little colored dots are raised and are quite cute! I used orange rhinestones for the eyes just to spice it up. The stamp is kind of hard to read but says 'Hoo loves you'. So it's a non-birthday birthday cards for the spouse :)

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Leslie Hanna said...

CUTE OWL!!! And I love sentiments that can be used for multiple occasions. :-)