Friday, January 8, 2010


This is the other mini album I finished up recently. I had purchased this word album and this set of papers quite awhile ago with the idea to use them together to make an album about our first house (I bought it all *after* we bought the house though, so I knew I would have the subject matter). I have been taking pictures of stuff along the way thinking maybe I would do an album of all our renovations, and that isn't quite how it turned out, but I love it nonetheless.

First off, I totally did not plan to have that picture of me peeking out through the whole in the letter 'O', but apparently all those scrapbooking rain dances I've been doing have paid off.

This key is what came with the house and is the original from when it was first built. Even though we are the 4th or 5th owners, we are the first to change the locks!

Getting this hardware just so was a real pain, but I think it looks so cool it was worth it!

It's a little hard to tell, but I embellished a lot of the pattern on the paper with stickles. Now their purchase has been justified :)

My poor husband- he wound up on the page with all the rhinestones!

Ahh good fortune- these shots came out great for scrapping; we were just excited new home owners!

So... much... painting...

I love the little bit of ribbon! This is also my most 'artistic' scrapbook shot. It's of a row of stakes we put around the back yard when we were getting the fence put in. I got the first stake in focus and rest of the background is blurry. Artsy!

Mental note: don't put fresh mini books on very dusty shelves or you will be sad.

I look forward to doing another word book- it was a lot of fun and relatively easy to do- there aren't that many pages! I could have added some short in between pages for journaling, but didn't feel like making it a huge production. Sometimes you just want to show a few pictures in a cute way.


Leslie Hanna said...

Nice butt shot. What were you thinking?! And what, he did not carry you over the threshold?!?

I am so amazed that you even DO these mini-books, I am actually humbled.

Love the papers and the RIBBON, btw. ;-)

Jess said...

I prefer to think of them as 'action shots'!

I totally dig the mini books- they are so fun! They are the perfect solution for when you have too many pictures for a page but not a whole album's worth. I am often in that situation.