Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Splish Splash!

A few months back I went to a day crop and found myself in an interesting situation: all the projects I was excited about working on got wrapped up really quickly, and I didn't really have anything planned. Luckily I grabbed extra photos and paper packs because I like to overpack like that. I had bought the DCWV Citrus PP pack and Cardstock pack in January 2009, but was crushed when they arrived and I hated them. I dragged my feet and by the time I was ready to return them, it was too late and I wouldn't even be able to get a store credit, so I hung on to them figuring I would maybe sell them to someone local or something. Anywho, as the months dragged by I found the paper less and less objectionable, and so when I was packing for this particular pack I tossed them in my bag. Lo and behold, they would being the perfect match for these photos I had with me! So the moral of the story is, always over pack and never return anything. Listen to my words of wisdom people!

I decided to take a pretty simple approach to this book and kept the journaling to a minimum, same with embellishments. I was pleased to find out that the Lime Ricky buttons and brads I had purchased were a perfect color match! I'm quite pleased with how this all came together.

I have had this scalloped square clear acrylic album for awhile but never felt comfortable with how I went to use it, but think using it for clear covers worked out great!

And now on to the barrage of gigantic pictures! As always, click to enbiggen.


Leslie Hanna said...

Oh, she is ADORABLE! What a cute book! I laughed at her swimming in the creek. TOO CUTE!

Bianca said...

Love it! Mini books are the best!!