Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow day activities

I took advantage of finally having some down time this past weekend and spent some time in my craft room. First I took all my printed photos and went through them making page kits for all the photos I know I plan to scrap:

some of the page kits are nice and small: I actually narrowed it down to just a few sheets of cardstock and patterned paper. I don't bother adding embellishments at this point because I stock so few and they are so versatile I can easily pick them out at the time I am ready to use them. Plus I don't want to tie them up in kits in case I need them another time.

Sometimes though, I get lazy and just throw a whole collection pack into a 'kit' with a few photos I know I want to make pages for. Hey- it still makes things go faster for me and it works!

Here are some additional ones that I had not completed at the time, but have since gone back and finished up too.

Here are two actual pages I made:

I cut the clouds out of other paper also by American Crafts. I really like the simplicity of this. I didn't have much to say- it's a funny picture of my dog and representative of her desire to right up in your business at all times, so to speak.

Classic cute doggy picture- she can't seem to keep from sticking her nose in the dirt! I had always liked shaped paper but never really wanted to thunk down the ridiculous amount Jenni Bowlin charges, but grabbed this piece and another like it at my LSS recently. I'm still a little unsure how I'm going to store it in an album and not 'lose' the shaped quality- perhaps I'll just use the other shaped piece in the same page protector.


Leslie Hanna said...

You are so organized! I am humbled.

I caved to the media frenzy and did not go in to work today. Fed Gov't is CLOSED because of "treacherous road conditions" and we, of course, are not.

Word Veri: lessn
(1) lessn up, kids, that is one organized lady!
(2) i sure wish this snow would lessn up.
(3) i need a lessn in organization.

Anonymous said...

Oh! These are so cute. I love them :)Your dog is adorable!