Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scrapping away from home

I recently went back to the DC office for work- I spent a few days at a conference as well. Work was good, blah blah blah. I got no actual work done, but gt to attend a meeting in person- yippee!

I stayed in a hotel and drug a bunch of scrap stuff with me. I tried very hard to not bring too much, but of course brought waaaaay more than I used. I also discovered that paper is freaking heavy! I did not like having to lug my extra heavy suitcase around, especially since I was sick. I didn't spend all my free time scrapping, but I did get a few pages done and I'm pleased with the results.

This is the first page I put together using some new doggie themed products. The paper and little bone embellishment are Love, Elsie. While I think the designs are super cute, the quality is rather poor. Oh well!

Here's a close up of the bone. Isn't it cute!!!

Next I made this tiny page- title has since been added in brown vinyl thickers 'slurp':

This time I played with some of my new heap of American Crafts paper. It's fun to change between using a shabby, romantic style like Basic Grey to going to a bolder, more graphic style like American Crafts.

When I bought this particular paper, I had these pictures in mind!

That giant paper is the stuff I use to cover my work surface when I craft. My mom, the former art teacher, had tons and she gave it to me. I have several inches of that stuff! It's really great- I love having it there to stamp on and write out my thoughts for journaling. I've even been known to write out measurements when my fraction skills start to deteriorate.

Lastly is this little sucker. I just love the colors and the picture and everything!

Yes, I am totally biased, but I think Madison is jut the cutest puppy around! This is one of those times when the 6x6 size is perfect. I don't really have much to say here other than 'isn't my puppy the cutest in the world!'. With the picture and embellishment, there isn't much room left so a decent title really caps it all off. I'm quite pleased with how it came out. My title is even almost straight!

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Leslie Hanna said...

LOVE that last one! And it took me a sec, but I figured out why you had all your appliances covered in paper. Too funny!!!!

PS: It was great seeing you when you were here; too bad you were sickly. ;-(