Monday, October 13, 2008

Simplicity rules!

This past weekend was the first in along time where we actually relaxed- which meant I got a good amount of scrapping in! I spent a lot of it working on a mini-book of a weekend trip we took a few years ago, but also did 2 new Madison pages. I was working on the first one and decided that there was no point in me feeling like I needed to add a lot to my page visually when really I would just have forced it. I really like the page that came out of it in all it's simplistic glory. It's not that I felt I needed to be like the people who get published in magazines whose pages are stuffed with embellishments, but more so that I was worried the page would look empty and unfinished. I think it looks great!

Afterward I did my first 6x6 page. I had purchased a 6x6 paper pad a few months and had not touched it and was worried I was going to start accumulating a list of things I had wasted my money on. No more! I really liked the 6x6 format- it was perfect for the picture! I didn't really have a lot to say, had only 1 picture and it would have looked weird to me with a lot of embellishments. However, it was still something I wanted to record. I think the tiny format is perfect for those times when it's just a little anecdote or just something you don't have a lot to say about but want to remember. I really like how it turned out and I made it in just a few minutes. I'm excited to make some more this size!

Lastly, I finally glues the title on to the cover of my honeymoon album. I think it came out pretty well! The flag is just from a picture I took while we were on vacation. I used UTEE to make the chipboard letters all thick and glossy. I first painted them with acrylic paint and applied the first coat of UTEE while they were wet, then heated them and kept adding more as I heated them. I found the UTEE really easy to work with. Thee frame is something I had bought ages ago with no intended purpose- worked out quite nicely if I do say so myself. I didn't even have to re size the photo!

I am also trying to be much better about recording all of the mental dialogue I have when I look at a picture- I want my pages to say everything that I am thinking. Surprisingly hard to get ones self to do that!

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Leslie Hanna said...

Ooooh! Does this mean you are done, done, done with the Honeymoon book?

And if you think going from 12x12 to 6x6 is easy, try ... a card! Talk about instant gratification! That's why I don't scrap. ;-)