Monday, May 11, 2009

Manly sparkles

I apologize in advance for the darkness of these pictures. I took them back when I made this card for my step father in February, so the card is long gone. I figured I could get away with some of the more frilly girly things, because my SD is more amenable to these sorts of things- all those conversations about bras and nail polish he suffered through when I was in high school really toughened him up!

Ahem. On to the card! I got to test out several things when making this card that were new at the time. Awesome textured background compliments of the Cuttlebug, perfectly spaced oval and scalloped oval layers compliments of Nestabilities (when will these things not still feel new????), and manly sparkles compliments of Stickles. The sparkles are manly because they're blue and green!

See how manly they are???

This basic type of card is a favorite of mine. Monochromatic (for the most part), very clean and simple design. And lots and lots of dots.

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Leslie Hanna said...

Very nice, my dear! Keep 'em coming!

Love your new photo! Wish I were a displaced cube drone ....