Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hello world wide web!

Hey there! Hi. How's it going.

My name is Jess, and I like crafts. Mostly I've been scrapbooking lately, but really I secretly love all crafts. My dream is to one day have a house covered in homemade kitsch, but for now I'll settle for sneaking in a few hours here and there to live out my hokey fantasy. My day job is challenging but just not that creative, so I enjoy the outlet that crafts provides. My mom was an art teacher for many years and arts and crafts were always a part of my life growing up. I think in high school and college a lot of that got lost, but now that I am nearing 30 it seems it is time for me to get back to basics. A glue gun, some decorative paper, some pipe cleaners and who wouldn't be happy?

I'm hoping this blog will enable me to share the fun I have working on crafts with people, and make some new crafty friends at the same time.

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Leslie Hanna said...

Welcome to Blog Land!