Thursday, October 2, 2008

My craft room

Now that we are in a house, I have my own craft room. It's great to have a place to put all my stuff and not worry about cleaning it up all the time so we have a place to eat. Crafts are by their nature messy, and crafters tend to be as well. Add to that my lack of furniture in the room, and surely you understand the mess that is posted below.

See the big bag with leaves sticking out of the top? I'm making a new wreath! I loves wreaths. I have great wreath making plans for the winter.

Here is my desk, along with what I am currently working on. I need another table. I've adopted the 'shove' methodology for clearing off workspace. Not good.
Isn't the leaf paper pretty! Just got that. It is not actually related to my current project.

Here is my cardstock and some of my patterned paper. There is another box the same size that holds papers that are put together into kits and project packs I intend to work on soon. I'm showing this because I just reorganized my paper last night :) Previously I had it categorized as such: SU! paper by rainbow, Bazzill textured paper by rainbow, and then Bazzill smoothies by rainbow. That was not so much working, so now all paper lives in rainbow harmony. I'm big on rainbow sorting. I have a lot of purple, orange, and green. I'm set for Halloween until I die!

This little bin hold all my thickers, letter stickers, and 3-d embellishments. It's a fun little box. Yeah, your eyes are not lying to you- I bought some Jolee's type embellishments. Wanna make something of it? I think they're cute!

So there you have it, where I like to get busy with scrapping and such. I'm hoping the gift fairy brings me a table and some shelves this year. Maybe a better chair. Then I won't hunt around the floor for supplies like a crazywoman!


Leslie Hanna said...

I see a path to the table, so you're not so bad yet. ;-)

Christina said...

Hey, looks just like my craft room. Except I have to share it with Hubby's gaming computer.