Friday, January 9, 2009

Consistent sounds so much better than boring....

A few weeks ago I went to an overnight crop (mentioned in the post below- very nice crop, very scary setting). I enjoyed it and was quite pleased with the layouts I was creating. Then I started to notice a bit of a trend. My two page layouts were looking remarkably similar. Clearly, I have a style.

Style, that's it! Sounds so much better than 'stuck in a rut', 'unimaginative', or 'boring'. I like my consistent style of course, but it's kind of funny. I think most people would describe me as very much NOT a boring person. Hopefully my layouts aren't either!

Here's the first one:

I like this one quite a bit. I struggled a lot to stamp the title- it's something I need to work on. I do not have enough confidence in my ability to stamp things straight the first time, so I always stamp my titles on separate paper. Practice makes perfect.

Darn it- still need to add that date!

I was especially pleased with the way the ribbon looked- it's a reversible ribbon from American Crafts and I think it finished the layout nicely.

Here we have layout 2. No, the butterflies aren't exactly relevant, but I think they're cute.

Hmmmm. From this distance it *does* look quite boring and empty. Funny, in person I thought it looked fine. Perhaps I should look at my stuff while it sits on the floor more often...

And finally, a lovely shot showcases the tips of my slippers. Oh yes, and a very purple layout too! Note to self: fix ribbon!

Now, just to assuage any concerns that I'm becoming the crazy lady who stays home every night scrapbooking pictures of her dog and nothing else, here is a layout I did about myself and the Aquarium.

This also proves that I do in fact get out of the house on occasion. Ignore that this was all the way back in September.

Sorry for the glare- I was too lazy to take stuff out of page protectors.


Leslie Hanna said...

I think everyone has a 'style', and we can sometimes reach out - through challenges, etc. - to expand our horizons. I think we still come back to our comfort zones, though.

And who said we have to be different? There are no rules in this craft, babe!

jessicaleighlalou said...

Cute scrapbooking pages! You are very creative. :)