Friday, January 30, 2009

Hapy cards, sad cards

While making my thank you cards, I took a time-out to play with a new stamp I purchased. This is a cute little House Mouse stamp and I am hooked! It was pretty easy and fun to color in and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I was very worried about it getting to my friend in one piece as the pearls and popped-up image made it seem rather bulky. I have been informed though that it arrived in one piece- hooray!

Needed another thank you card and wanted to play with water coloring, and this is what I got. I also tried something a little different- instead of mounting the image on the scallop layer and then popping the whole thing up (like in the card above), I just popped up the main image on the scallop backing. I had seen this done before and thought it looked pretty nice, but to be honest I do not like the way it came out. In general it's not a great card- it's kind of boring really. But, I do thing the bug is kind of cute.

Lastly is a card that was not as much fun to make. A co0worker of mine recently lost his father and I wanted to send him something. I don't own a sympathy sentiment, so I thought about printing one out on my computer. By the time I got my main image done and mounted though, I didn't really think there was room. For the most part I like this card. I wish I could have used a different ribbon, one without any brown, but I didn't have anything better. I do like the image and notice those cute little baby pearls! I was pleased when I realized they would work well this way- I bought a pack of adhesive pearls in three sizes and had no idea what on earth I would do with the smallest size. Solution!

Oh, I used two Spellbinder's embossing mats on the card above and finally got a good, deep emboss on my oval. One just doesn't cut it.


Leslie Hanna said...

I love them all! And I think I recognize that bug! :-) Your coloring is very nice...I am jealous.

Leslie Hanna said...

PS: I just saw that you blamed me for this addiction. I am proud! :-)

WV: cablych - what a wool cable-knit sweater makes you do.

Meg Ellis said...

These are so awesome! You're really creative. I literally just saw some cards when I was in a Swoozies yesterday and was wondering if people could make their own like the ones I saw... guess it's possible... you're proof of that :)