Tuesday, July 21, 2009

But where do you put it?

I have been asked before what the heck I do with my ATG when I'm not using it- it looks like it takes up a lot of real estate which is usually quite precious to a crafter. Well, I have seen people make little stands for theirs, or balance it in a coffee cup, and I've even seen someone drill a hole in the bottom of theirs so they can put a binder ring through it. Theoretically you can hang it from said ring. Also, if you use peg board some well placed brackets could give your gun it's own home on the wall!

I do none of those things though. I recently discovered that the flat top allows me to balance my gun on it's head, making it take up very little desk space and making it *extra* easy to spot!

As I've mentioned before, it is quite light, so I often just sort of toss it on top of whatever pile is nearest on my desk. I don't have to worry about it crushing any delicate paper or making it difficult to get out things hidden underneath.

Yes, my desk has gotten messy. I need to hang that shelf!

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Leslie Hanna said...

Niiiiiice! I am one step close to buying one. Durn it!