Friday, July 17, 2009

so many little squares....

One of the crafts I've been meaning to get into for awhile is counted cross stitch. I had first learned to do this in 7th grade in home-ec and really loved it. I had bought myself some basic supplies and have held onto it all for years, despite not having touched any of it since 7th grade. One such item is this little kit I had bought, and I finally busted it out last night.

Because every house needed an alligator hanging, right? The kit has everything you need (except a needle, which I have anyway). The pattern itself isn't exactly a challenge, but it is a bit tough to see all those little squares and keep your count correct.

As you can see, I am on fire!

Or maybe not. But it's been fun so far! I'm in no rush- the kit has been languishing in a box for about 15 years, so if it takes me more than a few nights to get it done, I think I'll be ok.

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