Friday, July 17, 2009

For Randy

My co-worker Randy was fascinated by the ATG when I explained what it was to him, and was quite surprised by the need for that much adhesive, so this post is for him.

This is my ATG. It is quite large, but is lightweight and easy to maneuver. It has a pretty new 36 yd roll of adhesive tape in it.

Here is my box of 12 refill rolls, along with the other refill I still had. So that's 13 rolls of 36 yards of adhesive each. Not too shabby.

See how little space each roll takes up? The is another fine reason to use an ATG- no ridiculous pop-in refills and all their excess packaging to store.

See this cute little box? It sites on my craft table.

For kicks, I am saving all my empty plastic rolls in there. I got my gun in January and as you can see have gone through 4 rolls- that's with taking a substantial crafting hiatus this year. You can once again see how little waste this type of adhesive refill creates.

Here is the project I have been working on and wound up using some absurd quantity of adhesive on. It's still unfinished, so I don't have many photos of it. The black strips you see up top? Those are the base of each page- black chipboard. Chipboard is a fancy name for a specific flavor of cardboard, but it's basically fancy cardboard.

Here are the first two pages- do you see how they are completely covered? Each page is like that. There is not actual black showing except on the cover. Because everything is exposed to fingers, it needs to be thoroughly secured which means lots of tap. Let's also acknowledge the many layers we see here.

So you see, the ATG is glorious for several reasons, and it's certainly something I feel I got my money out of. Which is a good thing, because seriously? $40 for a tape dispenser? I too thought that was over the top lunacy. But I love that sucker as much as one can love a tape dispenser (which apparently is quite a lot).


Randy said...

Thanks Jess!

I think this a great project, very compact, and not wasteful...just like the tape gun!

Leslie Hanna said...

I acknowledge your layers! Great post! :-)

WV: porch. whazzup with a real word?!?!? Sigh.