Monday, July 20, 2009

counting is hard

Yes, counting, it turns out, *is* hard. But I'll get to that.

First up are two supplies I had stashed with my x-stitch stuff- you see I have all sorts of miscellaneous craft supplies that are from my wee child years, stored in a series of shoe boxes in my closet. For the longest time it was all shoved into one large plastic storage tote, but a few months ago I set aside a few hours and went through every single thing shoved in there, tossed the junk and sorted out the rest. Now all these miscellaneous craft supplies are somewhat organized, which is how I was able to find any of this at all.

Back on track: I found this old pair of collapsible scissors and an ancient thimble. The thimble is easily older than I am. I was of course very excited when I found these- a dedicated pair of scissors is always ideal, and a thimble is better than getting stabbed, no? Well, a split second before I used the scissors it occurred to me that they may not actually be sharp, and lo and behold they were very much not sharp and shredded my thread as opposed to say, cutting it. The thimble, well those don't become suddenly stabible, but it too did not exactly work out. I think what I need are leather finger sleeves- do they make those?

As I was squinting at my heap of thread that came with my kit, trying to determine which was the medium green, versus the light or dark green, i had the brilliant idea to sort it all out to make my life easier: voila! Like the giant gash on our coffee table? We have no idea where it came from, so we just blamed the dog.

When I got to this point, I came to the very sad realization that I had started in the wrong spot on my canvas. How wrong was it? Well, turns out counting remained difficult and I had a hard time figuring that out. Eventually I said screw it, I would just work with the space available (I started too far to the left, so I did not have enough space).

Shortly thereafter, I realized that I had also managed to just skip a square at some point. Much finagling and adjustments of patterns had to be made, but I am finally back on track! Here is how far I am as of last night:

He's starting to look like a little alligator! Or crocodile. One of the two.

So my Math degree, which you could argue is a degree in advanced counting, appears to have failed me. My little crocoalligator is just going to have to live with a slightly wonky hind leg/rear. I hope he makes it.

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Leslie Hanna said...

Oh, how cute! Isn't it fun to rediscover stuff in The Stash?!

And you blamed the DOG for that gash?! How sad.

I look forward to seeing the finished project. Sans blood, of course.