Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Show your dad you give a hoot.

Heh. I was stoked to use these Hero Arts owl stamps finally! I bought them right before my crafting dry spell, along with the DCWV Green Stack. The stamps are of course a lovely quality- they are also trimmed very neatly so messy people like me don't have to worry as much about getting outlines on my stamped image. The DCWV paper was very good as well- this was actually my first time using the brand! It was very thick- so thick that when I first cut it I didn't press hard enough and I only cut through about half the layers! It also has a very pleasing texture. I whipped these three cards up pretty quickly last night, and while they are not the most intricate cards made I really like how they came out. I;'m glad I stuck the eyelets around the corners- gives them a little extra oomph I think! This morning I kind of wished I had taken the time to clear emboss the owl images- maybe next time.


riddikulus said...

waaaa~ it looks super cute :D and lovely! i really like the owls :)

Leslie Hanna said...

Lovely, as always! Love the owls! Ya know, you can go over them with a Versamarker and emboss them after-the-fact. Or do just the wings, for example. :-)

Jess said...


I always forget about the versamarker! That was one of the first crafting things I ever bought, too.