Friday, June 12, 2009

throwback cards

These first two cards are ones I made probably 2+ years ago, and actually took pictures of! The first one actually folds at the top. It was cut that way on accident, but I kind of liked it. The base paper I used was not very sturdy (Bazzill), but that combined with the top fold gave it a very 'just a note to say hi' kind of feel to me. I sent this one out to my friend Jamie- I hope she liked it! This is easily one of my favorite cards I have ever made.

When I made this card, I was on a multiples kick so I actually made two! I love this Daisy D paper, so sad thee company went bust (it did, right?). I actually cut into the card and the ribbon is threaded through it- kind of a hassle but pretty neat looking.

This last card is one of the first ones I ever made on my own. I used one of the color challenges on splitcoaststampers to guide me- it was turquoise and pink (well, the SU! versions). I mixed in a dark army green to balance the brightness. I must say, I love the combo. It's obnoxiously bright, sure, but so fun! I had picked up a little rubber alphabet stamp set and tried to use it here. I found it near impossible to get the letters aligned correctly, so I just cut each out and stuck em on like this. I went with a 'messy on purpose' approach to deal with the fact that there was no way in hell I was going to actually align things correctly. I never gave this card out and still have it I think. I used rubber cement to adhere things because I was just starting out and that was what I had- some of the letter have fallen off. I think I will do this color combo again!

I'm hoping to get my scraproom cleaned up soon- it's become a bit of a dmping ground for random things and I can't really work in it currently. We've been busy with seamingly endless yardwork, but I miss scrapping and DH assures me we're about done for the season. Hopefully I'll be scrapping again soon!


Leslie Hanna said...

She posts!! Love the cards. I remember when ... :-) I got a ton of goodies from SU and am playing with the new colors. Truth be told, I am actually gonna miss some of the retiring ones.

And I totally approve of the 'crooked on purpose' approach. Those letters are perfect just the way they are!

Good to see you in the blogosphere!

Word Verification: shoot. No kidding!

Lmac said...

I need to start making stuff again! I'm sooo jealous! I adore your first posted card! Great colors!